Friday, 30 September 2016


Over the past two days I have been trying to embrace my artists design and her signature look, therefore within class I began to create a mood board. My mood board had consisted of a printed picture of a basic drawing of a girl with plaits, I decided to use this image due to the girl having plaits in her hair,this is a look in which we want our artist 'Ella' to have therefore it was perfect to use. The image also conduits of the girl wearing a chocker, this style is something which we also want to follow through with our artist. Once I enlarged and printed this picture I stuck the images onto a large piece of black paper and had the cut around the edges of the image, Once this had be done I went back onto the Mac book and found loads of images which link with my artist, for example women with different hair styles I may use in my music video, different style clothing, make up styles etc. I had used hair styles such as plaits and slicked hair and added images of women's street clothing, for example some ripped jeans and bomber jackets, many of the images upon the mood board is the look we want to achieve for our artist, once the images were found and printed I added the onto the large image of the girl, however so people could still the outline of the girl I only added the images onto the T-Shit of the image, this way the images look as if they are apart of the T-shirt. After completing this I went onto to find font of which I can use for my logo, after a 20 minute search I had decided to go for a style of wrtiting which looks like a signature, we did this due to our logo only saying 'Ella' therefore by adding this signature style writing it gives the logo a distinctive style. Finally, once completing everything on the mood board I went around the font and the outline of the image of the girl with red glitter glue, this is due to our main colours we want to focus our music video around being black, white and red.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Music Evaluation Fergie

Fergie is best known for being a lead voacilst in the R&B group The Black eyed peas, following on from the departure of the band Fergie has had a very successful solo career. Fergie videos are usually very provocative whilst she expresses the theme of partying throughout, however her hit song music video 'big girls don't cry' breaks this convention of provocative music videos as it studies the themes of romance, however throughout the video Fergie sexualised subtly.

Fergie has recently released her single M.I.L.F which has proved to catch the critics eyes due to her hidden message within the music video however Fergie herself explained the idea behind the video was to empower mother with careers. Within the music video it shows a range of successful mothers, for example; Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigan, Ciara and more, Fergie's aim was to change the ways of which women were conventionally shown within the media and to break the stereotypes of mothers having to be conservative, in my opinion i believe Fergie reached her target of wanting to represent women as empowering and strong characters.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Christina Aguilara

Christina Aguilara is a singer, songwriter, actress dancer and record producer born in Staten Island, New York. In 1998 Christina Aguilara signed a contract with RCA records to record her debut album which was released in August in the following year.

Throughout Christina Aguilara career it is an apparent theme of hers to use raunchy themes throughout her music videos, she is able to achieve this with how the women within her music videos wear very little clothes revealing a lot of flesh, for example in her music video 'Dirty' Christina  Aguilara is seen wearing leather trousers and a bikini top. Throughout the music video there are lots of close ups of her mouth, the close up of the mouth can be seen as very sexual and provocative. Throughout the music both Christina Aguilara and the dancers are dancing in water, this helps to emphasise their bodies and again allows them to be shown as seductive which links to the name of the song 'Dirty'.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Music Genres

This is a brainstorm illustrating a wide range of Genres, with each genre i have added in well known artist which are linked to the genre however with Rap, R&B and Pop because these are Genres we may be focusing on for our music video we added both the artist and the songs. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Music Genre list

As part of our research we had to look into some genres and there sub-genres, this is what i found; 

Pop -                                                                            R&B -

Adult Contemporary, Piano rock,                                              Contemporary R&B,Disco,Funk,Neo- 
Pop punk, Pop-rap, popcorn,                                                     soul, Quiet storm, Soul. 
progressive pop.

Rock-                                                                          Dance - 

Adult Alternative Rock,American Trad Rock,Arena Rock,     Ambient, Breakbeat, Disco,
Blues-Rock,British Invasion,Death Metal/Black Metal,          Downtempo, Drum and Bass, Electro,
Glam Rock,Hair Metal,Hard Rock,Metal.                                Dub. 

Hip Hop/Rap -                                                          Jazz - 

Alternative rap,Dirty south, Bounce, Old school rap,             Contemporary Jazz,Hard bop,Latin Jazz,
Latin rap,Underground rap, grime, hardcore rap,                    Gypsy Jazz,crossover Jazz,Big Band,
gangsta rap, East coast rap.                                                     fusion,Dixieland,smooth Jazz,Trad Jazz.

Reggae -                                                                    Blues - 

2-tone, Dancehall, Dub,Roots Reggae, Ska.                           Country blues, Delta blues, Classic 
                                                                                                blues,Acoustic blues, Chicago blues.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Music Evaluation of Rhianna

The artist music videos i will be evaluting is Rhianna. Rhianna is a R&B artist known for her controversial music videos. Over the years Rhianna has brought out a lot of music videos that have catch'd the public eyes attentions, for example the explicit video of work ft drake, the explicit video then turns into drake and Rhianna miming to the song in a room bleached in a pink strobe light. Throughout the explicit music video we see Rhianna and other women twerking throughout on there own both on men. The explicit video fits in with  the R&B genre.


Another video Rhianna sets out to create a reaction from the viewers is 'bitch better have my money'. The music video sets out to provoke an outrage and get the public talking about her.

Throughout the video Rhianna uses the fact of women being abused for material gain and the enjoyment of the audience. Throughout Rhianna's 'Bitch better have my money' video it is clear to the public eye that Rhianna is not affraid to be bad which is represented through her contribution of bad behaviour through her music videos, however despite this Rhianna is still a huge icon of which loads of young fans look up to her. Rhianna does not her music videos to make the world a better place, she created them to get people to talk about her and to get paid.

Examples of Rhianna's explicit videos -